Brain Eaters

Brain Eaters
Genre musical : Punk garage
Localisation : Paris - 75
Existe depuis : 1998

Coming straight out of a B-monster flick, here are the Brain Eaters, the craziest combo from Paris, France ! For over twenty rockin' years now these blood-thirsty maniacs have been playing their own kind of raunch'n'roll, combining elements from surf, garage trash & sci-fi/mexican wrestlers/sexploitations B-movies with punk rock energy ! Nationally known in the live circuit for their manic stage performances (they played with the Reverend Horton Heat, King Khan, Doctor Explosion, Girls on Top, Kings of Nuthin', WDC, Meteors, Boobytrap , Monsters , Elektras , Get Lost , Four Slicks, Reverend Beat-man , Magnetix , King Salami , The Jackets and a ton more), the Brain Eaters will kick your sorry ass !!!


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