How Much Art Can You Take ?

Groupe.s The Traders
Label Hell Vice I Vicious
Sortie 14/09/2023
Formats LP

All songs written by The Traders,
including Mike Noegraf (former guitarist),
Anthony “Pascal” Dilliberto (former guitarist)

Additional vocals :
Johanna and Léon on “Roads of Ostende”,
Anthony “Pascal” Dilliberto (Resolve) on: “Thanks, doc…”,
Mike Noegraf on:“The basement”,
Gang vocals by : Kevin, Dookie, Thibaut
and The « Acab’ella » Choir : Chacha, Lilah, Julia, Olivia, Layla, Winona, Mathilde.

Drums and bass recorded at NSR studio by Laurent Nafissi.
Guitars recorded at Rec’n’roll studio by Romain Sarrat.
Vocals and other instruments recorded by The Traders.
Choir recorded at Rec’n’roll studio by Clément.

Mixed and Mastered by Robin Mariat at Grey Sound Studio.
Artwork and Inlay by Jeremy C.
Title "how much art can you take?" under consent of Mr Patrick Costello.