Cranberry's feel is forever

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Sortie 19/11/2021
Formats LP, CD
Nombre de pistes 15


  1. Play track 2 if this intro is boring
  2. Message in a (cocktail molotov) bottle (paroles)

    Enduring pain all day long
    In this world where you don’t belong
    Enslaved by an elite of the people,
    But you would like to burn it all
    And as the top of hierarchy
    Doesn’t give a fuck about your destiny
    It makes you wanna scream, as loud as you can
    That you want to kill the banker man

    Stay strong my friend,
    And carry on, it's time for change
    Cause when you stand,
    Unity makes you confident
    You feel low and,
    Your victory’s the only chance but
    Until this end,
    You got a message to send, my friend

    You don’t have any faith in politics
    Their lies and attitudes just make you sick
    Now you wanna take the control your life
    Cause you went jaded of your own sighs
    Rage became uncontrollable
    While the spirit is unbreakable
    The beginning of your revolution is
    A need to fight against desperation

    You send an SMS to this world
    With a cocktail molotov bottle

  3. Live fast, die later (paroles)

    I know that I'm sometimes destroying myself
    But it's something that I just can't help
    I’m playing a bit of sports with my liver
    My motto says "live fast and die later"

    And yeah
    I'll take a drink and have fun again
    Nothing else matter, feelin’ good with my friends
    Even if my body, had a bit of pain
    Future is old age but youth’s until then

    Yesterday night, tonight and tomorrow night
    I'm in wonderland, even if this party is trite
    I'll go on bed in the morning, and wake up at four PM
    And I think that maybe I'll take a drink or ten

    I'm on an adventure with a bottle
    Walking inside this dark jungle
    Let's take a shot of alcohol
    Come on, join me, here's my call

  4. Won't say sorry (paroles)

    I can't be sorry forever,
    But once again I'm on my knees
    And if soreness is not over,
    This time I won't say sorry
    For frustration, fear and passion,
    From all my crazy dreams
    As you know there are other words,
    Other words I could scream

    You made me so low, it’s logic maybe
    I'm all alone, thinking of you,
    In my mind you draw, a tragic comedy
    I'm all alone, thinking of you,
    Not something I wanted to

    And this time, I just have to say,
    That this time, I'm feeling mad
    You don't know me, you don't live my days,
    You can't feel the feelings I had
    And I will not, you can believe me,
    I will not say sorry this time
    So, whatever you want from me,
    This life is fucking mine

    This time I'm feeling down...
    I'm getting mad but there's no way to be sorry !
    I'm on my knees and on my own…
    Gotta stand up, and say anything but sorry !

  5. The brawl (paroles)

    You talked behind my back, didn't you ? You must be so proud !
    Such a coward’s attack, spitting your venom in the crowd
    You messed up my name, I heard you stack the dirty words !
    What a bitch I am, what a shithead, what a bastard !
    Well now I am leaving town and never coming back

    Looking at the past we see what we’ve done
    Brothers and the cast are forever gone
    Glancing at the sun, light is leaving too
    You can’t imagine how much I used to love you

    I used to trust you before, I’ve never been so wrong
    Now I’m throwing you out of my heart, where you don’t belong
    Maybe we’ll meet again someday, and you’ll have to be strong
    Cause if you’re not this will be your funeral song
    Today you are leaving my world, and never coming back

  6. When I grow up (paroles)

    When I grow up I would like to be a teenage girl
    Who speaks about global warming
    I want to scare the rich people and be the cause
    Of politicians crying
    While I would be only sixteen years old,
    I would be the most frightening nightmare
    Of all those men too old to be alive
    When the ecological apocalypse is there

    When I grow up, I would like to be the teenage girl
    Who gets the TV journalists mad (fucking mad !)
    They would get into a war against me
    Because I am more than a dreamer
    When I grow up, I would like to be the teenage girl
    Who gets the powerful elite mad (fucking mad !)
    I would open your eyes, then I would burn…
    I would burn those eye-blinders

    When I grow up, I would like to be a teenage girl
    Creating panic with alarm warnings
    But this would mostly be a panic for fools and bastards,
    And all these kind of things
    They would panic about their life comfort,
    Rolls Royce and private planes
    The threat of giving up the luxury life
    And polluting factories, it gets them insane

    When I grow up, I would like to be the teenage girl
    Who gets the capitalists mad (fucking mad !)
    They would get into a war against me
    Because I am more than a dreamer
    When I grow up, I would like to be the teenage girl
    Who gets the money-addicts mad (fucking mad !)
    I would open your eyes, then I would burn…
    I would burn those eye-blinders

  7. Fucked in the supermarket (paroles)

    Factory workers, underpaid,
    Don’t earn a lot and produce everything.
    Factory’s owner, can stay in bed,
    He’s billionaire thanks to advertising.
    Low quality and free-trade,
    Planned obsolescence, cost optimization.
    And because of the shitty wage,
    Working class must consume mass-production.

    All fucked in the supermarket
    Whether behind cash box or caddie
    On all sides of this money racket
    Prisoners of the same slavery
    Not free

    Supermarket owner in a golden pool,
    Consumers depressed looking at the receipt.
    Fridge is empty, their hopes are too,
    Brains are destroyed by the TV screen.
    Ads guide you to fake paradise,
    What if I tell you that's just evil ?
    We're all exploited by the price,
    Misery's on sale, that's market law.

    I am fucked in the supermarket…
    You’re fucked in the supermarket…
    They’re fucked in the supermarket…
    We’re fucked in the supermarket…
    All fucked in the supermarket !

  8. World of drunken fantasies (paroles)

    Another awful day, a day full of troubles
    Over and over again, my mind’s a field of struggle
    I just want to have fun, and say fuckoff to my frown
    Now it’s time to drown in the vices of this town

    And… Hey ! Get out of my way
    I’m leaving you today
    To the world of drunken fantasies
    Where all my friends’re waiting for me, oh
    Hey ! Get out of my way
    I’m leaving you today
    I can’t stay here anymore
    This place is such a saddening bore
    Don’t expect any news before dawn !

    I see a fault in each empty glass
    Never too dry to find a path
    I fill my veins in broad daylight
    With my shadow I pick a fight

  9. Pizza slice teen spirit (paroles)

    Going to work's the daily thing in my life
    But the miracle is, that I have a job
    And maybe someday, I will have kids and a wife
    But today I couldn't even take care of a dog
    It's difficult enough to take care of myself
    Going to the supermarket is a challenge
    And if I'm not brave enough to move from my bed
    Then my sandwich will always be my friend

    Let me be forever young
    In my mind I'm a little boy
    For whom the life is like a toy
    It doesn't seem that I have found
    Something useful in seriousness
    Ambition is not my business
    So what ?

    I have no time to think about next year
    Cause it's thursday night I'm planning my week-end
    It may consist of drinking beer
    So adulthood is not my current trend
    Some kids are saying there's no future
    I know I have one but don't know what it's made of
    So here's a message to the vulture
    Death is boredom and life is something that I love.

  10. Battlefield (paroles)

    Ego could take any situation and make it a fight.
    It needs to have a battle to win.
    No need to be aggressive, it’s not ‘bout being wrong or right
    It’s just another way of thinking.

    Have you ever tried love ? Don’t you get fed up to argue,
    With the whole world in a battlefield in your mind ?
    Have you tried to get rid of those conflicts that got no use ?
    I don’t think your humanity is sentenced to decline

    Instead of trying to feel you're better than someone else.
    Just let everyone be as they wanna be.
    Maybe it will help you to be someone better as well.
    You know, peaceful attitude is a quality.

  11. Cemetery of shame (paroles)

    You’ve suffered from domination,
    Your mind is turning crazy
    Pressure and humiliations,
    Depressed by your own misery
    And if your work is criminal
    They say dysfunctionality
    And if you want to end it all
    That’s called mental fragility

    Workers and poors,
    Victims will always be the same
    Live and die for,
    A few masters’ money and fame
    How many suicides,
    And injuries, will end the game ?
    Is this a sacrifice,
    For the cemetery of shame ?
    They are to blame

    It’s time to clear the darkness
    That’s your pride you need to get back
    No more crying in secret
    You’ve suffered but now you attack
    Raising your head above water,
    Now you’re fighting not to drown
    But still they’re dragging you deeper
    Until you sink and can’t breathe on

  12. Let myself go (paroles)

    I used to feel like a shadow,
    Asking myself ”where am I now ?”
    I used to act like I was fine,
    While asking myself “who am I ?”
    But today...

    Today I feel alive,
    And I don't even try,
    I just let myself go
    Going to the right place
    And each time that I face
    Something new I'll have you to know :
    I just let myself go

    I swept all my low self esteem,
    Walking faster to my dream
    Like the one I wanted to be
    Until it became the real me
    And today...

    Tomorrow be alive,
    Do it for real, don't try
    And just let yourself go
    Going to the right place
    And each time that you face
    Something new I'll have you to know
    You should just let yourself go

  13. Motto lobby (paroles)

    You should fear protester and accept the leash
    You should applause this great political speech
    You should respect what is good, and hate what is evil
    You should believe this life is your ideal

    Plugging your brain with USB
    Planning your pain, that’s you and me
    Writing your ideas like I’m scripting a movie
    Your emotion : fear when I scream
    Your consumption : get new ice-cream
    I’m in your high dreams like a lovely TV screen…
    Think what I mean !

    I’m the scenery, I make you feel as I want
    I’m a mystery, no clue, you don’t understand
    Creating a hell and a paradise in your subconscious
    I’m the lie-style of the rich and famous

  14. Teenage issues (bonus) (paroles)

    I hear voices downstairs
    Don’t wanna go, don’t wanna stare
    At the demons under my bed
    From what I hear, they’re as real as they can get

    As a kid, I’m afraid
    As a boy, I don’t get this
    As a teen, I cry
    As a man, I say goodbye

    Now, I’m leaving for good
    I’ve had enough of this, I’ve had enough I won’t miss it
    I won’t pick off my phone, ever
    Teenage issues are forever

  15. Dirty voices (bonus) (paroles)

    We need to record this song
    For you to sing it all along
    Ju has got a hangover,
    Recording will be shit for sure

    I suck at singing very well
    No excuses for myself
    Cause I'm not just enough
    Serious to do my work

    Over and over again
    We're doing the vocal tracks
    Until there's no problem
    There will be no coming back

    Brainless won't be so easy
    But Dorian will be here
    To cover my dirty voices
    I should look for aliens too...