Cannonball Holocaust

Groupe.s The Chris Rolling Squad
Label Cimex Records / Tvåtakt Records
Sortie 15/04/2021
Formats LP
Nombre de pistes 14


  1. Wild Time
  2. Hate 2000 Blues
  3. Trapped Inside
  4. Bring Down The Hammer
  5. Straight Down To Hell
  6. Faster
  7. Crazy Little Boy
  8. Revolution All Around
  9. Desperate City (I get the fuck out)
  10. Staying Home With Mommy
  11. You Been Gone
  12. Hollywood
  13. Boom
  14. I Just Can't Help Myself

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabien Guilloteau at Nomad Audio Studio (France)
All songs (Music & Lyrics) written by Chris Rolling
Artwork by OncleRed
Photos by Jesse Pollet & Clem Guyet
Produced by The Chris Rolling Squad & Fabien Guilloteau
Released on Cimex Records & Tvåtakt Records
The Chris Rolling Squad is :
Chris Rolling : Guitar & Lead Vox
Brice Duval : Bass & Back Vox
Thib' Adlersend : Drums & Back Vox